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Instructions / advice 

This is an instructions / advice section on preparing your business directory profile. Our intention is to help you get the best benefits out of your page. Hence please read this thoroughly before you proceed to to do the listing. If your not thorough with our listing processes, your entry might even be rejected.

We get lot of entries from both businesses which have a popular website and also from those which does not have a website. However, whether one business has a website or not, most who make an entry with us often have a problem with the search engine results. That means they could not attain good search engine rankings through their site or page. This is often because page is ill prepared, structured, or ill linked internally or externally. If you like to get advanced information on how to prepare your profile page with us or your own website for search engines, proceed to Web Promotion Guide. Others, please continue reading this page.

Coming back to listing with us, the problem we find is that, even though our members have made a nice looking website, they haven't kept the search engines in mind when they were actually preparing content, building the sites structure, and hosting it.

Due to this, their sites do not carry good ranks with Google, Yahoo, MSN or other such engines. Hence, our main effort will be always to lift you upon the search engine ranks pyramid through the profile page you create with us.  

We have the above mentioned situation in mind while building your exclusive page for you. However, to be successful in our endeavor of getting you top search engine ranks, we also need your cooperation. Hence this guide was created.

Keeping the search engines in mind, we are requesting you to follow the advice / instruction we lay out for our business directory central here, through the subsequent pages so that our job of getting you good ranks is easily met with success.

Through this directory, you can definitely appear in search results faster and be on top of it. But, only if you follow these instruction we lay out wit great care and focus.

Google, MSN, & Yahoo, and other engines index us often and thoroughly and getting into them with a good rank is not a problem if you follow our instructions while sending us your data (preparing content and filling the form).

Even if your organisation has a website, a listing in our India Business Directory,

    Please find sub topics and further Information / discussion here:
bullet Conditions
bullet Process of registration
bullet Importance of 'Business Description' entry field item and Keyword.
bullet Sample business description
bullet How to maximize your page rank and effectiveness
bullet Senseless Repeating of Keywords
bullet Write to us if you need help in preparation of your profile. We will be glad to help you.
bullet To understand more about preparing your page for search engines, read Web Promotion Guide.
bullet To pass a comment on the content, intention, and structure of onepageprofile and suggest improvements,
Please write comments on our

will help your site get listed and earn better ranks in search engines much more faster. We are also going to list your own site (if you have one) prominently on your page. If you wish to know more about tuning your webpage to optimize it for search engines, please read our sister sites web promotion guide.

Create a nice profile for your business in our directory using powerful, focused, unique, and targeted writing of text content. we wish you good luck!

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