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  1. The biggest problem we find is that people often cut and paste or copy a part of their exisitn website text for profiling in our directory. This creates enormous problem as this text may be already indexed by search engines. Please note that we sill simply reject such profiles which are a copy of what is already included in major search engine results.
  2. The above scenario will not help your exclusive page (as search engines will easily find that your text has been already indexed and thereby ignore your text with published by us. Also, we get blamed for duplicating your site content. 
  3. Hence, it is in both yours and our interest to avoid the above mentioned situation. Hence, please do not copy / paste content you submit from anywhere. Including your own website. Please write it fresh and unique.
  4. On our side, we can easily find duplication of content from the web. Hence, if we find that you have just duplicated an existing page on the web (whether it is from your existing site or other sources), the entry will be most likely rejected.
  5. Always make sure you create unique, new content, for your profile with us for the directory. Take the time and effort to create that text or get a professionals writers help to do a page for you. 
    PLEASE AVOID USE OF CAPITALS ( You can write your fields in normal case and please use capitals only in places where it is necessary.) 
  6. Please ensure that you provide accurate, detailed, and latest information.
  7. We could refrain from publishing if inadequate details are submitted. Take particular care with the contact details.

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