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Importance of 'Business Description' and Keyword

Many businesses have already listed with us and some of them have written beautiful, brief, focused business description (while filling the entry - registration form) for their exclusive page. See a sample profile.

Please take the time and effort to go through as many samples as you can so that you write it well too. While writing business description field, focus on the main business keyword wherever appropriate. This is for better search engine ranking.  

However you do not need to worry about including the keyword in the text as this is not a key requirement for search engine ranking. A well written and well titled page would suffice. Give us the well written profile and we will take care about search engine optimization.

For example, if your business does 'event management', remember to include that term wherever appropriate repeat wherever appropriate (no senseless repeating of the word) while you write your business description in the form. In this example, 'event management' is your keyword, the one that you are trying to focus on ranking). Remember you must be also extra careful not use the intended keyword without reason. Doing such repetition will be surely detrimental to your page and often have us reject your profile.

In other words, keyword or key phrase is the one word or phrase that you would expect your customer to type into the search box of search engines. Hence the maximum, but appropriate use of this word or phrase in your writing of 'business description' field and also other fields such as product, services where you may explain yourself, will go a long way into getting ranked highly in all major search engines. Who does not want to appear in the top of search engine results page?

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