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Process of registration. 
  1. Go through the registration form once thoroughly so that you plan ahead on what to input rather than being surprised with various fields and repeating the same text content in fields. We will remove any unnecessary repetition anyway.
  2. Add your Business / Industry by directory filing up the registration form. Only few fields are mandatory and those have been marked with a *. However we advise that you to fill up all fields taking care not to repeat the text for the best ranking with search engines because a lot of well written text will boost up your pages rank.
  3. We will receive your entry by e-mail and we shall publish the data in the appropriate category in the directory soon later.
  4. We might take sometime to create the page and complete the listing process depending upon the amount of content you sent.
  5. However, you can expect to have a listing done in most cases within a week. 
  6. As part of your listing, we will design your page with appropriate graphics and create the best page possible. If you have a graphic / picture to be made part of your page, send it along in an e-mail from the same e-mail address you used in the 'contact details' in the form. 
  7. Once your page has been published, we will will send you an e-mail giving addresses of your category under the directory and exclusive page.
  8. If you wish to amend any information that is already submitted, or wish to make a more detailed entry, you could use the same registration form to do so.
  9. Please also ensure that special emphasis for the "business description" field is given as that's going to be prominently placed in your exclusive page.
  10. Your input in the "business description" field will be often placed the in the top left section with most importance on your exclusive page.

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