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Sample Business Description, Additional Pages: 

Throughout this guide, we have emphasized the need for your careful work and preparation of content for you to achieve great ranks on search engines. To this end, please go through and analyze this sample description. With reference to quantity of the text, we have laid no limitations, however focus on the quality of the text too.

Sample : "Chimera Technologies is an Indian offshore software development company providing outsourced S/W services to its global clients. We specialize in the areas of e-Learning, Custom software development, Kiosk applications, solutions for Share Point Portal server (SPS), Mobile and Microsoft CRM. We help our customers develop, maintain, enhance and test enterprise class applications serving as their of offshore development partners." 

See Chimera's full listing here on our former directory. Their content is short but the profile is well written. Increasing the quantity and quality of content for your exclusive page is what will put you on the best position.

You can go on and on in the same pace, creating a great business profile in quality and quantity of content. Let us remind you again that we have not laid any restrictions on how long your business description can be.

Additional Pages:

You may add a page or two to your main page without any issues. You can send this new page's text to us through the contact us page. For any additional instructions you wish to pass, please do it through the same contact us page.

We will intimate you after we finish adding the new page and linking it up from the main directory index. Alternatively, you can e-mail us the new page and advise accordingly. Use webmaster(at) - please replace (at) with @.

Build your product or facility gallery:

If you want to build a product or facility photo gallery as an extension to your exclusive page, you are welcome to do so. You could send those photos to us at webmaster(at) - please replace (at) with @. Indicate your company name in the subject and you must use the same e-mail address listed on your page.

Please also remember to name the photos in detail so that we can use the same names to caption the photos when we build your gallery.

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