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Tranzil Engineers, Printing Packaging Automation, Mumbai
Tranzil Engineers is an independent company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of control systems and sensors for a wide variety of applications, including printing & packaging industries, wire & cable industries, textile industries and playing a major role in industrial automation since last 7 Years.

Tranzil Engineers was originally established as a consulting firm since 2003. Tranzil has planned, developed, engineered, and produced web tension control systems and web handling solutions for the printing & packaging industries in collaboration with our costumers.

The reliability, ruggedness and high-level performance of our system have gained Tranzil a reliable name and partner to all the end users and machine manufactures in printing industry.

We also take-up technical modifications in already established machinery so as to provide excellent performance and best results enhancing the profit through manpower reduction, improved quality and reduction in percentage wastage.

The company's products are manufactured and designed using a high quality of fabrication processes and production methods. This has given the company a leading edge in providing web handling solutions to all types of processors in the industry


Product range

Magnetic Powder

Magnetic Powder Brakes & Powder Clutches AC Drives & Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) Multi-drive Synchronizing System Web Tension Controllers Pneumatic Brakes Tension Sensor (Load Cells) & Digital Tension Indicators


Roto Gravure Printing Machine

Textile Industry/ Fabric Processing like Warping/ Beaming, Sizing & Texturising Lamination Machine Slitter Machine Plastic Extruders Wire & Cable Industry (all types of machines) Rubber Processing/ Tyre Making Converting Machines Lamination Machine Flexo Printing Machine Lable Printing Machine Doctoring Machine

Introduced by us in India in 2006, this popular range of Magnetic Powder Brakes and Clutches are quite popular in converting industries for easy and simple control of web tension.

Salient Features:

Available in ratings from 0.3 Kg-m to 60 Kg-m Smooth, repeatable and infinitely adjustable torque Set-torque maintained independent of slip and speed Torque level is near-linear to coil excitation Standard self-cooled models Forced-cooled models with attached built-in blowers Control Options:

Manual control of torque or tension

Auto-tension controls with load cell feedback Control of intermediate tension or stretch Diameter based Semi-automatic Tension Control Tranzil Manual series of Torque Controllers are essentially constant-current regulators for simple torque setting on powder clutches and brakes, providing a simple and cost-effective means of Manual Tension Control in less demanding applications.

Salient Features:

Input 230V AC 50 Hz; Output 0-5A. DC (30 Volts maximum) Tension settable by a Potentiometer with Brake Torque indicator Auto Tension Controllers, Tranzil AT series of auto tension controllers are offered for applications demanding tight tension control in unwinds and rewinds. Tranzil load cells, mounted on tension sensing idlers, constantly sense and provide accurate feedback on actual film tension to the controller, which in turn, corrects any deviations from preset values of tension.

Product Description Load Cells/ Tension Sesnors Web Tension Load Cells full bridge strain gauge based Tension Sensors, designed for direct on-line Tension Sensing of Paper, Films, Foils, Wires & Cables, Textiles & other roll to roll converting machines.

Load Cells has Self aligning rubber seal bearings, to avoid critical alignments of X Y & Z axis of Idlers, suitable for live & dead roller applications.

5 to 300 Kg capacities

Standard output 2 mV/V

Fully temperature compensated four gauge Wheatstone bridge High accuracy & repeatability Best linearity & near-Zero hysteresis High Overload limit


We provide services for all Dyanspede make installations including replacement of old controllers etc..

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About the Organisation:

Established : 2004
Number of Employees : 8

Location & Branches:
Head Office : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branch : Vapi, Surat

Contact Details:
Contact :
Mr. Kalpesh Raval, Proprietor
Postal Address: B-110, Sai Amrat, J S Road, Dahisar-W, Mumbai

Tranzil Engineers, Printing Packaging Automation, Mumbai

Profiling Details:
Profiled :
June 27, 2011


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